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The Cell Reprogramming Database (CReD) is an analysis portal which
aims to centralize and facilitate multi-omics analysis.

Participating Groups

Group 1: Multimodal analysis of high-risk psychosis mutations in induced neuronal cells

Douglas F. Levinson, Thomas C. Sudhof, Marius Wernig, Zhiping P. Zhang, Bruce J. Aronow, Eugenia Jones and Jeffrey L. Dage

Group 2: Collaboration on preclinical autism cellular assays, biosignatures and network analyses

Eugene Yeo, Lawrence Goldstein, Alysson Muotri, Shelly Halpain, Edward Callaway

Group 3: iPSC-based platform development for major psychiatric disorder modeling and discovery

Hongjun Song, Fred Gage, Sue O’Shea, Anne Bang, Guang Chen, Eugenia Jones

Group 4: Genetic neuroscience: How human genes and alleles shape neuronal phenotypes

Steven McCarroll, Ralda Nehme, Paola Arlotta, Mehrtash Babadi

Group 5: Cross modal integration of molecular and physiological networks in ASD (Collaborative Awards)

Daniel Geschwind, Mayank Mehta, Sergiu Pasca, John Huguenard

Group 6: The Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative: Connecting Genomics, Subcellular Networks, and Higher Order Phenotypes

Nevan Krogan, Jeremy Willsey, Martin Kampmann, Trey Ideker

Group 7: From genetic risk variants to convergent protein networks: an integrative approach to elucidate the causal molecular mechanisms of schizophrenia.

Kasper Lage Hansen, Nadine Fornelos Martins

Data Summary

Participating Orgs

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